Thursday, May 28, 2009

Redesigned Etsy Site - Please give feedback

Hello. I would love your feedback on my new photos before they are all completed! I have a new banner for my etsy site that was professionally designed by She also did her 9 point critique of my site including photos, descriptions, etc. One of her suggestions was that I re-shoot all of my photos, or at least the main photo for each item in a way that will unify all of the different types of items I make. In other words, since I make jewelry, bags, rugs, and cards, one way to give my site a more consistent and branded look is to shoot all of the photos with the same color background, or the same texture, or from the same angle, etc. Since I have been a practicing faux finisher for the past 12 years, I decided to use one of my finishes as the background and to use a very neutral color. This way the color will go with anything I decide to make. If you have a moment, please take a look at the banner and the 3 feature photos just below it and tell me what you think. I am looking for genuine feedback here, not just pats on the head-- altho those are gratefully accepted too! When I first opened my Etsy shop, all of my photos were on white backgrounds. I liked how bright this made the colors appear, but my friends said they were too "stark". So, what do you think? Are these too subdued? Thank you for your feedback!


Made by SwirlyGirl said...

Love the new banner, Kelly, but I think the neutral background in some of your photos is dulling, rather than brightening. I love the photo of your Land and Sea necklace with the rock...Overall, I think the photos need more light and brightness. Although, I might not have consciously thought that had I not been asked to look at it critically. :-)

Anonymous said...

Ok, you said honest... I think all the comments by the business lady sound really good. I like the banner. The pictures still need some work, though. Personally, I didn't really like much of the pictures before for the same reason I don't like them now. As a shopper I can't really see the product clearly. The pictures are artsy, but I cannot tell what the stuff would look like on the body or what size it is. Maybe if the main photo was an artsy one - like a closeup or with the rocks, it would be an attention grabber, but then some of the other photos after you click on the item should have some kind of scale associated with them - mannequin torso or item of known size. For instance, I cannot tell how long the necklaces would be if I wore them.

I do like your finish in the background, and I think if you added the correct lighting, you can overcome the drabness in some of the shots. Another idea would be to have the same texture, but make different shades to complement your different items so it wouldn't have to be beige all the time. Or maybe black or dark gray would work better as long as you have bright light on your piece - I say experiment some more. My favorite photos are of the earrings hanging off of the background where the entire piece of jewelry is in the frame-not part cut out. And I did like the rocks you used in the other shots.

Also see my note on Facebook.

kelleylivingstondesigns said...

These comments are very helpful. Thank you!