Monday, July 27, 2009

My Weekend Monday

So happy to say we are going camping later in the week. Have not been in 2 whole years!!! Hard to believe since it is one of our favorite things to do. However, we opened up the camper on Friday to clean it up and load and whatever and discovered that a critter or two had made themselves at home and so did the wonderful mildew that is so common around here! So, all day Friday, all day Saturday and all day Sunday were devoted to the cleanup and fix up........... Whew- we did it and the camper is cleaner and probably newer than when we bought it!

Planning to take some photos of recent work later today and will post them here tomorrow and Wednesday. Finally, a few necklaces with fabric pendants and the cutest little pink wool purse ever. Hope you all enjoy them as much as I do. Got another load of fabric last weekend and also spent part of yesterday folding and stacking it. Great for the creativity! now i just have to find a little time to bring the daydreams to life!!


Unknown said...

Camping! We just went camping for the 4th of July week. it was fun. hope you have a great time too.

We'll be going again at the end of August. One last camp time right before the boys go back to school :)

Zoe Nelson said...

I don't camp any more. My ex and I used to go all the time, but I never could see the point. I live in a beautiful, peaceful place and, as soon as you pull in to a campground you have to deal with other people being TOO CLOSE. Screaming kids, loud radios, a long walk to the bathroom, heating water to wash dishes.... I'd rather stay home!! But, I hope you have a good time and don't let me spoil your fun.