Sunday, June 1, 2008


My love of color and design has always been with me. As a child, I was always drawing or crafting something. That later led to a love of architectural drawing and then to my life as a faux painter. Doing just one thing has never appealed to me. Having variety is a necessity. My favorite color changes as often as the sun rises and sets and my medium of choice is subject to shift just as often. One week, I just cannot live without orange and aqua beads and the next, recycled purple felt might be my heart's desire. Animals have always been important in my life. Ensuring their safety and security is a primary concern for me. Our environment is also something that I am passionate about. I love using recycled materials or components made by local artists. It is such a thrill to watch a piece of "would-be" discarded fabric transform into a beautiful bag or rug. The purpose of my work now is to use my artistic talents to benefit animals and our environment. This blog is dedicated to showcasing my work, as well as the work of other artists.

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