Monday, July 6, 2009

My Weekend- First public appearance!

Happy Monday! Well, I did it.... took some of my creations over to downtown Boone for Art Crawl. We set up in the front of a local restaurant. It was just what I needed. Busy enough for me to get some feedback on my items, yet laid back enough for me to feel comfortable. We took some photos, because as Jeff Martin says, "you only have a first time once". Check out Jeff's paintings there. My husband, Jack is showing them off for him. I am just showing off Jack! That is Jeff there in the floppy straw hat that only he could pull off. He is really an old hat at working a crowd, by the way. Jeff has been appearing around Boone with the Wine To Water organization, and had asked me to be his guest a few weeks ago. Thanks Jeff for the opportunity to get my feet wet! It was great.


Made by SwirlyGirl said...

That's terrific, Kelley! Looks like a fun place to be and it's neat to be able to peek in on your day!

Studio618 said...

Your first setup? Looks great. Not too cluttered which is good for the customers. From here on, you're a pro.