Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Current Project - Milleflore Rug

Thought I would give a preview of what is coming next. I have been working on a Milleflore Rug. It is a traditional rug technique that falls under the heading of a "standing wool" rug. This is because the wool is turned on its side. What you see is the edge rather than the face of the fabric. In this one, I am using thick, recycled felt wool strips and rolling them up, standing them on end and sewing them together. This rug will be 100% wool. The colors are peacock, charcoal and a striped felt that has some shades of teal, purples, a bit of orange and some light gray. Circles are one of my favorite doodles and they seem to find their way into many things that I make. This is a great example of that! Let me know what you think about it. I am eager to hear what others see! Here it is in progress. When complete, it will have a charcoal border around it and will be a roundish shape.